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The New Shed

This is Bandolier 's new home. Yes, it is beautiful, and, yes, we are lucky that buildings like this can be produced without cost to the NHS or universities, as this one was. Thank you, Pain Research, for having us.

This month Bandolier follows up more readers' requests, this time to try and sort out treatments for acute migraine . There are so many new triptans, and many existing medicines, that a full-blown review of the area would take many people several months. Bandolier did what any ordinary professional may do - a quick search for systematic reviews, and wrote to the companies for information on RCTs. The result is a table of NNTs.

This month, Bandolier also reprises the calculation and use of NNTs, again by request. This time we have a special section which includes a page of simple-to-follow instructions which can be used when you are faced with a paper or review you want to make sense of. In the section, we use this instruction page to show how NNTs for sumatriptan could be calculated, but here there is a clean version which can be copied and used in your practice. We'd welcome feedback.

story with links to some of the Internet sites that Bandolier finds most useful are featured.

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