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Tools not rules

Tools not rules

Bandolier 's move to the new Pain Research building in Oxford is now about complete. We'll try and get a picture for January's addition. The most difficult part is getting new furniture, because desks, chairs, cupboards have been around for so long that, tatty or no, they are comfortable, just like Bandolier 's old cardigan.

New things chafe. Using best evidence chafes with some people too, especially when it is introduced through a challenge - a new piece of evidence that experience does not necessarily support. If that is a meta-analysis or systematic review, then the immediate reaction is that these are useless. But if our car fails to start in the morning, that doesn't mean we never use a vehicle with an internal combustion engine ever again! These methods are tools not rules, but the right tool has to be used for the right job. Anyone know the best DIY manual on this topic?

Bandolier conference on stroke

A Bandolier conference on optimising secondary prevention and follow-up care is being planned. The suggested date is 24 March 1999, with a venue in London, probably at the Royal College of Pathologists, which is conveniently situated a short walk from the Mall or Trafalgar Square.

More details will appear in future issues, but if you want to be sure you are sent a booking form and programme, please fax your details to Eileen Neail on (+44) 1865 226978.

Bandolier correspondence

Bandolier occasionally receives correspondence about articles. Because we have limited space, these are displayed on our Internet pages ( ). Two people have written to disagree about our article on tonsillectomy in Bandolier 55 , and to take exception to our approach to NNTs for antiepileptic drugs. Please read them and (where appropriate) our responses.

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