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Telemedicine Conference Programme

Telemedicine: Role in Primary Care

The Vision and the Technology

  • The global potential of Telecare
  • Impact of TM and TC on healthcare
  • Telemedicine in the NHS: the Millenium and beyond
  • Biosensors; the future
  • Optimal delivery of Information

Home Monitoring

  • The intelligent home. BT / Anchor Housing Project
  • Home telecare: an overview
  • The virtual nursing home
  • Personal physiological monitoring
  • Demonstrations of Different Communication Modes and The CEBM (Sackett) information wagon; bedside diagnosis decision support.

Community Care

  • GPs perception of the need
  • Overview of Welsh Experience of Telemedicine
  • Community-based ante-natal care

The Evidence and the Economics

  • Overview of effectiveness to date
  • Results of Systematic Review of Telemedicine
  • RCTs and the economic evaluation of Telemedicine
  • What evidence do we need to accept Telecare?
  • Final comments Where next?

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