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Bandolier's fiftieth (Editorial)

Bandolier recently had a little party to celebrate starting its fourth year of publication and its 50th issue. We couldn't invite you all, but you can at least see the great birthday cake you missed. Our celebration this month includes about 50 NNTs reprised from previous issues.

In addition there are some thought-provoking pieces. We also have a report on some great cohort studies which give strong evidence that mild but frequent exercise can have dramatic differences in mortality - not just from arterial disease. But the sting is in the tail. We look too at some information on how we as individuals can be overoptimistic about how this information affects us as individuals. You need to walk, I just want to watch the football match!

The meat in this month's Bandolier is from some great clinical trials, great because they are well done and large. So there are NNTs on real outcomes of treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia . There is also a puzzle. Bandolier has been seeking out straightforward information on contraception - not complicated stuff like thrombosis, but just how well each of the contraceptive methods work. Awful hard to find, but we have found some numbers.

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