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Home is where the heart is (Editorial)

Home is where the heart is

A care assistant asked an elderly lady living in Oxford where her home was. "Pontypridd", she replied, with a description of the beauty of the valleys. The immediate response was a call to the doctor to report a case of dementia.

A wise old doctor asked her where her home was. "Pontypridd", came the reply. And where do you live now. "Why in Oxford, you fool!"

Many exiles from the Celtic fringe and the English regions are of two minds when it comes to answering a question about what constitutes home, which is why Bandolier 's friends support football clubs like Blackburn and Liverpool rather than Oxford United. But it is easy to see how complicated the issue of dementia can be, and therefore little surprise that clinical schemes for diagnosing dementia may give different results.

But what about ten times different? This month Bandolier reports on a paper which says just that. And in addition, we report on a superb trial of gingko biloba in dementia which demonstrates how to do trials in this difficult area, and how to report them to allow us to make sense of the results.

Moving home - ode to the trailer park

This month sees Bandolier's fifth birthday. For the first four years home has been a leaky portable building. Many of the visitors who visit Bandolier's Internet pages 6,000 times every day don't know what a leaky portable building is, and for their benefit we have a picture.

In April Bandolier moves into palatial accommodation in a new Pain Unit building, and after four cold winters and three scorching summers, it can't come fast enough. No split personality for us as to where home will be!

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