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Bandolier conferences

The fifth Bandolier conference on New Horizons on HIV and AIDS takes place at the Wellcome Trust in London on Wednesday December 17th. The programme is being finalised right now, but will include:
  • History and size of the problem in the UK.
  • An idiots guide to HIV immunology.
  • Advances in treatments, including multiple drug therapies with protease inhibitors.
  • Treatment strategies - which patients should get what treatment - an important issue this because the evidence is coming in that triple therapy is beneficial in patients with low CD4 counts. But what about HIV-infected patients with high plasma viral loads who have not developed AIDS, or those with low plasma viral loads?
  • Post exposure prophylaxis?
  • Are there any health economic arguments that are important?
  • What does the future hold for HIV treatments, and for their funding in the UK?
The conference will start in mid morning and finish at about 5 pm, with lots of time for discussion and some horizon scanning in this fast-moving area. The conference aims to be particularly helpful for those outside the main centres treating HIV to bring their knowledge up to date, and to provide information to inform future commissioning policy. The cost will be £135 (NHS) or £270 (Commercial).

There will be a small number of bursaries (half-price places) for students and those in training posts. To apply you need to write and explain why the full costs cannot be met by your host institution.

For details and preliminary booking please fax Eileen Neail on 01865 226879. Those travelling to London who are likely to need overnight accommodation should also write to Eileen, as we are trying to negotiate special rates at nearby hotels.

Bandolier back numbers

Bandolier 2nd Annual is available inside the NHS for £14 from Eileen Neail, and overseas or credit card orders (£18) from Hayward Medical (Angie Stagg on +44 1638 751517 (fax) or (email) .

Bandolier costs

Non-NHS subscribers should note that the cover price goes up to £36/year (£72 overseas) from January 1 to cover increased costs. We very much regret this, but it reflects the costs of handling single orders.
Costs inside the NHS do not change, of course. Because NHS E R&D Directorates purchase Bandolier for whole regions, the cost per copy within the NHS is less than the cost of photocopying it. So anyone doing lots of copying is wastinmg money - just ask for more copies!

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