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Just like that - Editorial

Just like that

Or so it seems when it comes to HIV infection. For those of us not in the front line, it seems just a bit miraculous that new treatments and tests can come along in combination to empty wards and slash death rates in a disease that seemed hopeless. Wonderful though new developments like this are, their speed poses problems for purchasers and providers. This month Bandolier gives a flavour of the new developments.

Under the fez

We duck the issue of cost effectiveness in the NHS and society - keep it under the fez, so to speak. But then Bandolier is not alone, because everyone else is ducking it too. This is another one of those areas where a bit of foresight with some expertise ought to provide some back-of-envelope estimates of impact to inform policy. While imprecise, it is an approach that would take much stress out of the lives of those infected with HIV and their carers, and because of the way HIV treatments are funded, not so difficult, really.

Get a new putter

While on cost effectiveness, Bandolier was struck by an advert in the journal Urology. It extolled the virtue of some lower cost treatment for some prostate condition - so that with the savings a patient made, he could get a new putter! Bandolier can't even get onto the golf course.

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