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Bandolier 39 Index [May 1997]

Frogs in a jam jar, 1997 (Editorial)

Acting on the evidence

Antibiotics no use in simple wound infection

Diagnosing diabetes

Transdermal Nicotine for Ulcerative Colitis

NSAID-induced GI injury

Thromboprophylaxis + death after THR

On being sane in insane places

Evidence-based health care definition

How to get the 2nd Bandolier Annual

The second Bandolier volume of collected issues (21 - 34) is now available. It can be obtained by sending a cheque for £14.00, made out to Oxfordshire Health, to:

Mrs Eileen Neail
Pain Relief
The Churchill
Oxford OX3 7LJ
We cannot chase paper, so don't ask us to send invoices. The only way you can get this limited edition collector's item is to send a cheque with your order.

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