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Bandolier conference on osteoporosis

Bandolier conference on osteoporosis

The third Bandolier conference will take place in Eynsham Hall, Oxford, on January 16 and 17 1997. The subject is Osteoporosis. There will be five sessions:

  1. Pre-lunch discussion for those who can make it on what are the questions we need to ask our distinguished speakers. This is something asked for in previous Bandolier conferences, and we will see if it works.
  2. A session on the burden of illness and epidemiology.
  3. Diagnosis of osteoporosis, with particular reference to methods of diagnosis like bone densitometry and biochemical markers.
  4. Examination of the evidence on the prevention and treatment options - lifestyle, HRT, vitamins and bone remodelling agents.
  5. Strategies for dealing with osteoporosis - including the role of the GP, hospital referral and costs.

The Bandolier conference will be open to all comers, but the number of places will be limited. The cost (including accommodation and meals) will be £120, and the non-residential cost will be £80 (including meals). Cheques must be made out to Oxfordshire Health Authority. Numbers will be limited to 50 participants.

To register and obtain conference details, please contact Eileen Neail at the Bandolier office:

Telephone: 01865 226132
Fax: 01865 226978

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