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Bandolier 32 Index [Oct 1996]

Electron Whizz

Reading in bed - pillow prize

Intra-articular shoulder injections

Nitroglycerin Patches for Shoulder Pain

Rules for Detecting Trials of Poor Quality

Epidural Injections for Sciatica

Remedies for Common Cold

Giving Birth at Home

Does Proximity to Major Roads Increase URTI Incidence?

Editorial - Governments & Health Care, Growing Old

Laxatives for Bowel Procedures

As the months go by Bandolier worries about the quality of what it reviews for you - see our emerging guidelines. Bandolier's interaction with you is important. Many of the topics we cover are prompted by suggestions and questions, but not all can easily be answered (see Dr Down's letter. You also entertain us (see reading in bed). Please keep the suggestions coming.

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