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Reading in Bed

One of the joys of writing Bandolier is the impossibility of knowing just what it is that will stimulate our readers. We look for evidence by talking to GPs, purchasers, managers and nurses. Even so, we were surprised at just how many of you enjoyed the small item on reading in bed in Bandolier 30 . Many of you wrote with your suggestions and solutions. Some were very funny, and had the Bandolier office laughing out loud, like a good Bryson book. All the letters can be found in the electronic correspondence pages .
It was a close run thing to judge any one to be better than others. The winner, Dr Welton of Lancashire, gets his prize of a copy of Bandolier - the first 20 issues for a letter with a witty sting in the tail.

Dr Welton's letter

I read with interest (not in bed) your paragraph under the heading of 'Reading in bed', in which you ask for the best suggestions. I am afraid that I fail to see your problem. You suggest that there are problems with reading glasses and that there may be a market for lorgnettes, either with right- or left-armed versions. You idly contemplate the use of swivelling book-rests attached to various places around the bedroom. Next you will be talking of "Head up Displays" on the ceiling, autocues (as used by those nice young men and women on the television) or teletext pages for the bedroom TV set. Really, all this is pure irrelevance. I can hardly understand how it arose.

Put quite simply, Jeeves reads the Bandolier to me until I am enveloped in the arms of Morpheus.

R L Welton
Wesham, Lancashire

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