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Electron whiz

Bandolier was first published as an Internet version in July 1995. The Internet version has all the 32 Bandolier issues already published in full text, an Internet correspondence section, several other Bandolier publications , and a list of Bandolier's favourite Internet sites . Also to be found there is a list of all the systematic reviews published with pain as an outcome (just under 200 of them), and information on various international collaborative pain initiatives .

Bandolier had only a vague idea how much the pages were being used. This week our excellent server host, Tim Shaw of the University of Oxford Clinical School Information Management Services Unit, gave us the number of hits for 1996.
We were astonished by the growth (up six-fold since January) and the volume of hits (nearly 7,000 a week in August). It must be due to our subtle product placement.
There are some sobering lessons here. The first is that in July Bandolier was accessed more by whizzing electrons than through hard copy (our print run is about 21,000 a month). The other is that electronic Bandolier deserves more thought. While fighting to keep the printed version of Bandolier to eight readable pages, we recognise that there is also demand for more information than this. Is it time for a CD-ROM version of Bandolier?

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