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Workshop on the systematic review of diagnostic tests

Monday and Tuesday 22/23 September 1996 at Hawkwell House Hotel, Iffley Village, Oxford
Cost £100 (excluding accomodation)

Diagnostic test performance has far reaching implications for patients and health care resources. Yet often we don't know how effective or appropriate they are, or how their results should be interpreted in workup of individual patients. Systematic review of evaluations of diagnostic tests offers a scientific method for critically appraising and summarising the available evidence crucial for evidence based decision making in clinical, scientific and health policy settings.

This two day intensive workshop will show how to find, critically appraise and apply the results of a diagnostic evaluation, and explain how studies can be combined to create a systematic review, in accordance with guidelines issued by the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination.

Who is the workshop for? Anyone who wants to understand more about evaluating diagnostic tests, learn how to apply them and carry out or interpret systematic reviews of diagnostic tests. This may include clinicians in primary and secondary care, scientists, public health doctors and other health care professionals.

Speakers include:
Doug Altman Centre for Statistics in Medicine
Jon Deeks Centre for Statistics in Medicine
Muir Gray NHS R&D, A& O
Catherine Hawke Oxfordshire Health
Andrew Moore Bandolier
David Sackett Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Numbers will be limited to 40. For provisional bookings contact:
Jan Knight
Centre for Statistics in Medicine
Institute of Health Sciences
PO Box 777, Headington, Oxford OX3 7LF
FAX 01865 226962 TEL 01865 226996

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