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Auditing & Purchasing Agenda

North Thames R&D Directorate have commissioned a report by Dr Colin Sanderson of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine on evidence-based candidates for the audit and purchasing agenda. The twin aims of the paper were to support the development of an evidence base for local clinical audit, and for commissioning.

The paper sets out ten topics, chosen for the strength of the research evidence for benefits and risks to patients, the potential implications for public health, the feasibility of audit of appropriateness of care, the extent of the problem and the feasibility of changes in terms of attitudes and resources.

The ten topics chosen were:
  1. Prenatal steroids to prevent RDS
  2. Vacuum extraction vs forceps for obstetric delivery
  3. Diagnostic D&C in young women
  4. Systemic adjuvant therapy for breast cancer
  5. Treatment of H pylori to prevent recurrence of ulcer
  6. Thromboprophylaxis for orthopaedic & general surgery
  7. Management of mild hypertension
  8. Cholesterol screening and cholesterol-lowering drugs
  9. Aspirin, thrombolysis and anticoagulation after myocardial infarction
  10. ACE inhibitors for chronic heart failure
Bandolier readers who would like a copy of the report, "Evidence based candidates for the audit and purchasing agenda" should send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (57p, first class; 43p, second class) to Marie Cribbon, Office Manager, R&D Directorate, North Thames RHA, 40 Eastbourne Terrace, London W2 3QR.

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