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Promoting Clinical Effectiveness

This is the title of a booklet published by the NHSE intended to help Chief Executives of Health Authorities and Trusts to develop ways of promoting greater clinical effectiveness. The reality is that this booklet is useful for anyone interested in doing their job in the NHS well.

The theme of the booklet is Inform - Change - Monitor. Inform is all about getting the evidence, assessing need and examining clinical and cost effectiveness. Change is to do with policy making, changing practice, concentrating effort and innovating. Monitor examines measuring health benefit, examining outcome indicators and audit.

One thing it isn't is dry. It is written in an accessible style. It has some lovely examples of effectiveness at work and a series of excellent indices which tell the reader where information can be obtained, with contact addresses. There is also a great wall chart which summarises the whole paper.

This is worth reading, and worth having on the bookshelf to dip into. If you work in the NHS it is free. It is available from the DoH, Storage and Despatch, PO Box 410, Wetherby LS23 7LN.

Tel: 01937 840250 Fax: 01937 845381

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