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Bandolier 23 Index [Jan 1996]

New year resolutions

How likely is it to go wrong?

Choosing interventions

Parkinson's treatment

Assessing health technologies

Drugs and driving

Evidence-based golf

Book review - Deadly Medicine


Bandolier in 1996

Bandolier embarks on its third year with great excitement. The pace of change is quickening, and we are looking forward to the challenges of reporting results and methods. We also look forward to continuing suggestions from readers for topics that need examination.

Bandolier availability

Back numbers of Bandolier, except for the past few months, are now no more. However, we are delighted that a compendium of the first 20 issues is now available in a soft-cover book. "Bandolier - the first 20 issues" is available by writing to the Bandolier office, enclosing a cheque for £12.50 made out to the Anglia & Oxford RHA.

Electronic Bandolier

Bandolier has been available on the Internet for some months at this web address. The full texts of previous issues are here, together with other Bandolier publications:
We are rather proud of our web pages, and intend that they will expand, not only with the texts from this and future issues of Bandolier, but also with other Bandolier publications, and perhaps other useful links, as time and energy permit. If you visit the electronic Bandolier, please let us have your thoughts and comments by email.

Influencing technology assessment

This issue of Bandolier carries information about how Bandolier readers may influence thinking on technology evaluation in the National R&D Programme and make it a real "bottom-up" approach. It is pretty simple - all you have to do is to write 50 - 100 words about a topic that exercises you , and on which you want answers.

Bandolier readers should seize this opportunity to influence thinking about everyday practical healthcare or management problems. We have printed a full page of the topics that topped the list last year - look and see how important they are to you.

The experience of Bandolier is that it is the simple questions that are most difficult to answer, and for which there is the least evidence. Go for it!

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