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Common cardiac conditions for card-carrying GPs

Dr Nick Hicks for Oxfordshire Health has collaborated with a group of cardiologists, general practitioners and academics to produce brief summaries of the evidence relating to the management of four common cardiac conditions - acute myocardial infarction, chronic atrial fibrillation, chronic heart failure and chronic stable angina. The results of their deliberations are now available on a set of four A3-size plastic cards.

The cards are intended to summarise the clinical trial evidence and carry key messages. They are intended to add to clinical decision making rather than substitute for them.

There is a standard format. The front page carries the topics and main messages - for instance for acute myocardial infarction there are reminders about immediate management, hospital management and post discharge management. The other three pages carry the summarised evidence and its quality, estimates of the magnitudes of benefits and risks, some comments and some key references.

These will be useful for GPs particularly. Though most will be familiar with some of the evidence, these cards will not only be useful in developing local, practice or individual guidelines and don't take up much space on the shelf or in the bag.

For more information contact
Juliette Gammon,
Department of Public Health, Oxfordshire Health,
Old Road,
Oxford OX3 7LG
(Tel 44 1865 226578)
Cards cost £3.50 per set.

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