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Frequently Asked Questions

In the last few months many of our readers have written, faxed, E-mailed and telephoned to obtain back numbers, to ask questions about Bandolier and how they might obtain it, and to pass on messages of support. To all of you, thanks.

We are struggling to keep up with you. In the best British traditions Bandolier is run on a shoestring, written in a leaky portable building, and has no secretarial support. Our telephone line is overloaded, so please write or fax unless it's urgent.

Origins and policy

Bandolier was financed as an experiment by the former Oxford RHA R&D Directorate (in Feb '94) to bring evidence to the coal-face, and to highlight problems in assessing evidence. Circulation has risen steadily towards 20,000 as R&D Directorates of other regions purchase Bandolier at cost for purchasers and GPs. The raw cost of writing, printing and distributing Bandolier is about 60p per copy.

Bandolier is also made available to non-NHS subscribers. They pay the full economic cost of production and distribution, which is why we have a £2.50 price on the masthead. Bandolier receives no funds or other support from non-NHS sources other than from these subscriptions.

Bandolier responds to questions from our readers (mainly GPs), and from stimulating evidence-based articles, mainly in major medical journals.

Bandolier is available on the Internet , which is where you are now. This is important because back numbers are now all but exhausted. If you want copies of stories from back numbers, your library information service should be able to download and print the relevant bits. In addition, we are exploring the possibility of a bumper annual reprint - of which more as plans firm up.

The future of Bandolier

We think Bandolier is appreciated from the comments in your letters, calls, and even Christmas cards. Now we need you to tell us in droves that Bandolier is appreciated and needed. The reason is that we are reaching a watershed as the Regional Health Authorities cease to exist in April 1996 - so Bandolier 's funding will necessarily have to change.

If you want Bandolier to continue (and we believe that the experiment should continue for another 3 years with Bandolier free within the NHS), then please write or fax (01865 226978) or email and tell us so. Please don't 'phone, as we can't write and answer the 'phone at the same time.

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