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H Pylori &Amp; Ulcers

Bandolier has reported on this topic several times, (and see major report ) but there are some new reports which might be helpful to those working on local guidelines or unsure of what to do. These are reviewed briefly.
  1. The use of Helicobacter eradication therapy in the treatment of duodenal ulceration is a research and development briefing paper by Dr Liam Murray published in March 1995 by South and West RHA. It strongly recommends that all patients with confirmed duodenal ulcers and concurrent H pylori infection should receive eradication therapy. It gives a good, short review of the problems and treatments. Nine pages, 17 references. From R&D Directorate, S&W RHA, tel 0117 928 7224/Fax 0117 928 7204.
  2. The management of upper gastrointestinal problems was published by R&D, Northern & Yorkshire RHA earlier this year. It goes into greater detail in comparing different treatment options. It examines the problem of how to handle patients presenting with upper gastrointestinal disease in general, rather than just those with H pylori infections. It is a useful and readable review. Thirty-four pages, 66 references. N&Y RHA tel 01423 500066/Fax 01432 843140.
  3. Helicobacter pylori and peptic ulcer. A systematic review of effectiveness and an overview of the economic benefits of implementing what is known to be effective. This looks at different treatment types using NNTs, and examines how changes in practice taking account of existing evidence could have a major impact on spending in this area. Fifty-two pages, 68 references. Available from Cortecs Diagnostics, tel 0181 568 6181/Fax 0181 847 2373.

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