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Mythbuster - hip revision

Review and results

Bandolier has come across the suggestion that having a hip re-done is a bad thing, often given as an excuse for not doing hip replacements originally on younger people with arthritis. A systematic review [1] gives some answers.

Review and results

A MEDLINE search to the year 2000 sought English-language citations relating to hip revisions. Thirty-nine articles reporting on 40 cohorts and 2,578 patients were found. Functional outcome measures were sought as categorical outcomes (excellent, good etc), and Harris hip scores.

The mean age of patients was 67 years, 64% were women and osteoarthritis was the cause of the primary operation. Overall, 68% had an excellent or good outcome. Harris hip scores increased after the revision by an average of 37 points. The average re-revision rate was 6%, and mortality associated with the operation was 2.3%.


An interesting review, with a good analysis of adverse events. Revision of hip replacement seems to be a good buy.


  1. KJ Saleh et al. Functional outcome after revision hip arthroplasty. A metaanalysis. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 2003 416: 254-264.

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