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Bandolier in bulk

Knowledge from good, high quality, and valid studies, with enough information from which to make some sense, is awesome. It can come from meta-analyses, or randomised trials, or other studies of appropriate design. Look what Bandolier has been able to find for this month. Systematic reviews on three important topics, all of which provide answers to questions asked, sometimes frequently, sometimes not.

Of the frequently-asked variety, a systematic review of anti-obesity treatments examines trials of orlistat and sibutramine. What makes this interesting is that the review only included studies that lasted at least one year. Predictably some people had useful weight loss, though more gave up because of adverse events. Another example would be statin choice, and bang-for-buck in cholesterol lowering. Bucks are a variable feast, depending on where you live, but the bang is predictable.

Two more systematic reviews were found when trying to answer a question about B-type natriuretic peptide measurements and congestive heart failure. Any useful systematic review in diagnostic testing is amazing, so two was stunning. And both were useful. Here is the material for making policy decisions, and it is just a moment away with a little searching. As was trying to figure out what evidence existed for coxibs and dysmenorrhoea, to supplement the evidence on NSAIDs in Bandolier 120.

And finally, in trying to help us to help ourselves, there is a randomised trial of lifestyle modification to lower blood pressure. It worked, with fewer participants with hypertension and more with optimum blood pressure after six months. The flies in the ointment were that the study was longer than six months, but chose six month outcomes (because of clinical guideline decisions), and the old one of cost judgement in particular circumstances.

Bandolier in bulk

A reminder that although the cost of individual subscriptions to Bandolier runs at £36 a year (£72 overseas because of higher administrative and postage costs), bulk costs are way lower. For instance, bulk delivery of Bandolier to any organisation in the UK brings the individual cost way down for 50 copies per month. Even less for more. With large savings of over two thirds, it is possible to have more people thinking about evidence for quite respectable outlays. Worth a thought. Overseas readers should note that imaginative ways are possible for bulk purchase outside the UK.

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