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Welcome New Zealand

This month it is a pleasure to give a slightly belated welcome to general practitioners and other professionals in New Zealand, who since November 2003 have begun to receive Bandolier every month. Bandolier has many old friends in that beautiful, if distant, country. Readers in New Zealand should feel just as free as readers elsewhere to contact us with suggestions or enquiries.

Bandolier arrives without burning up loads of jet fuel carting the weighty tome over all those miles, but by the simple expedient of sending a computer file to be printed in country. Cheap and effective, roughly what Bandolier sets out to be. For all our other readers around the world, it is worth reminding them that similar arrangements can be made for them. Just contact the Bandolier office.

Electronic stuff

A reminder to those who value a paper copy that the electronic version of Bandolier is always here as a resource, to search back issues and much of the other material that appears only electronically. For instance, a series of essays on looking at evidence are beginning to appear as downloadable PDFs. Bandolier has also been collecting all the stuff it can find on statins, both on efficacy and harm, for this important drug class. Statins will probably have their own page, with the expectation that one or other will soon be available from pharmacists without prescription in the UK.

Paper subscribers do have privileges over electronic users. The contents of the paper version do not appear electronically for at least six weeks, and PDF downloadable copies of Bandolier for at least three months. And it is sometimes so much nicer to have a quiet read in an easy chair with a glass of brain juice.

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