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Internet and paper Bandolier (editorial)

Internet Bandolier
Paper Bandolier

Bandolier has long had the ambition to avoid seeing her GP except socially. That involves examining the evidence about healthy living, and was one reason why this Bandolier Internet site has gathered together lots of good evidence about healthy living. In the end it comes down to three things: a good diet with lots of vegetables and antioxidants, including the odd tipple, a decent amount of exercise, and avoiding seriously risky behaviours like riding motorcycles, hang-gliding, and smoking.

Those of you enjoying your hols in and around the Med will probably be able to experience the delights of a Mediterranean diet. Think of it as a touch of evidence-gathering, and we have some really good evidence that a Mediterranean diet prevents problems in those of us without coronary heart disease, and helps those of us with CHD to keep its worst ravages at bay.

Internet Bandolier

The site was revised completely in July to be faster and easier on the eye. In addition there are a host of downloadable goodies from Bandolier Extra .

In recent months there have been three new postings that might be of interest - on needlestick injuries, on acute pain, and on calculating and using NNTs.

Paper Bandolier

A word of thanks to those of you who renewed subscriptions recently. Bandolier gets no direct funding from government coffers, and support from subscriptions goes a long way to helping to keep it afloat.

Those of you with the ear of those important people who run NHS organisations might like to remind them that bulk orders for Bandolier from the NHS are supplied at little more than cost price, a price that hasn't changed for 10 years.

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