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This month Bandolier returns to the difficult world of readers' questions. There is a big overlap with another world, that of little evidence. So answering readers' questions often means delving into areas where we have to make the best of what we have.

One of these simple questions to which the only answer is long, complicated, and unsatisfactory is that of whether stopping statins is dangerous. Many (most?) people who start statins do eventually stop them, but why on earth should there be any danger? Actually, there is some interesting biology behind possible problems, and at least two bits of evidence hinting that theory and practice are not strangers.

The whole business of pneumococcal vaccination is also a perennial. Most of any possible benefit seems to be in incredibly rare outcomes, where randomised trials or even meta-analysis of randomised trials collect too few events to be sure of the result. Good observational studies coming up with the same answer give us much more confidence.

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