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Evidence-Based Purchasing; Bring and Buy Sale - May 1995

The Four Counties Public Health Network, made up of the Public Health Departments of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire (the old Oxford Regional Health Authority), working with the Research and Development Directorate of the old Oxford Region, developed an approach to evidence-based purchasing which was called GRiPP for shorthand - namely getting research into practise and purchasing.

The Four Counties Network is organising a "bring and buy sale" of evidence-based purchasing. The idea is to meet with people developing practical approaches to evidence-based purchasing which they are trying to evaluate.

The "Bring and Buy" Sale is to be a workshop where people bring along an example, or examples, of evidence-based purchasing which is being evaluated. Even if the evaluation is not complete it would still be of interest for others to know what is happening.

The exact date of the workshop has not yet been fixed but it will be in May 1995; Gerald Malone, Minister for Health, has indicated his willingness to open the workshop. Like any bring and buy sale, of course, you would be welcome to come if you simply want to browse or to 'buy'. There will be poster demonstrations and stalls with some formal sessions so that we can maximise the opportunity for meeting and talking.

Protocol for "Bring & Buy" sale

If you would like to offer an example of evidence based purchasing to share with colleagues, please provide an abstract of not more than 400 words using the headings from the following protocol. Please attach copies of relevant materials and 'products,' eg guidelines.

1. Choosing the Issue
a) What health problem have you chosen for an evidence-based purchasing initiative?
b) How has this been chosen?
c) What specific intervention or interventions have you sought to influence?
2. Finding the Evidence
a) What was your evidence-base?
b) What type of evidence did you use?
3. Developing Guidelines
What guidelines have been/will be developed?
4. Evidence-based Patient Education
What evidence-based patient education materials have been/will be developed?
5. Implementation
What methods have been/will be used to facilitate behaviour change?
6. Evaluation
Is your initiative complete and is there an evaluation report?

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