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Bandolier Extra and Little Book of Pain

Bandolier Extra
Bandolier's Little Book of Pain

Bandolier Extra

People love to click, but hate to scroll. Most of us using the Internet are grateful that there is so much to be found so quickly. But few of us want to read something meaty on a screen. Rather we would like to print it out, and read it sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of tea.

That philosophy was behind the development of Bandolier Extra on our Internet site. This has downloadable and printable PDFs of longer content or items specially commissioned, as well as all back copies of Bandolier and ImpAct (running three months behind). Every week about 7,000-10,000 PDFs are downloaded.

This year, 2003, will see more developments, some of which have been in the planning for a while, and which are being held up for the moment. Look out for an announcement, hopefully in the next few months. Other plans have come to fruition. Bandolier has been commissioned to produce pieces for the National electronic Library of Health (NeLH), and new items will appear every month.

Bandolier's Little Book of Pain

Part of the background to the clicking and scrolling argument was requests from readers to produce a book of the Internet site. On the face of it, that's a strange request. The way it was explained to Bandolier was that while the Internet was great, many people wanted the comfort of knowing they had a collection of evidence immediately available to them in the form of a book.

As usual, Bandolier bowed to reader demand, and the first in what is hoped will be a series appears in April. Bandolier's Little Book of Pain pulls together good evidence from systematic reviews and other sources on acute pain, chronic pain, and arthritis, and on complementary therapies and management issues. It also has a light introduction about understanding evidence.

The book is published by Oxford University Press, has 464 pages in a pocket-sized format, and will be available from April 2003 at £19.99 in the UK. It can be ordered from any bookseller, but also from the OUP Internet site, or BMJ books. Bandolier will also carry details on its Internet site.

Readers' suggestions for future books are most welcome.

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