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Subscribing to Bandolier (Editorial)
Probiotics for antibiotic-associated diarrhoea
Rheumatoid arthritis treatments in the real world
Hyperbaric oxygen for MS: update
Walking good for older women
Homocysteine lowering after percutaneous coronary intervention
Stress management interventions and blood pressure
Adulterated Chinese herbal medicines

Stop Press - changing times

Since July 2002 those of you who used to receive a free print copy of Bandolier need to do something positive if you still want to receive it. You'll have to pay for it, because NHS funding for the paper version ceased in July, and issue 101 was the last financed and distributed under the old rules.

Bandolier will still be here. The paper version will continue, and individuals who can and want to pay for it should download a subscription form (pdf), and then either fax the completed form to us at 01865 226978 or email it as an attachment to . Institutions in health services or non-profit organisations around the world will be able to buy in bulk and distribute themselves. Institutions interested in bulk purchase should email or fax an enquiry to 01865 226978.
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