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Bandolier on the internet

Free of charge, not free of cost
You can help

Many readers have contacted us with a concern that with the changed arrangements for Bandolier in print, the Internet version would either cease, or become a site for which entry would only be by password and/or subscription. To put minds at rest, neither of these disasters will happen. To make things clear, we'll tell you how we do it.

Free of charge, not free of cost

The Internet version of Bandolier will be free of charge, as it is now. That means free of charge to you, but not free of cost to us. We cannot do it for nothing. The costs of running an Internet site are minimised because there's no printing and distribution, and we get a lot of help.

Oxford University Medical School provides the server space and facilities to ensure access for the 150,000 visitors each week to the particular medical school server. That is a big proportion of the total traffic, so the service they provide is not negligible. They also provide the search engine.

The Oxford Pain Relief Trust, a charity, provides the offices in which we work. Pain Research funds pay the rent.

The bulk of the work is in maintaining the site (now with over 3,000 files, and over 100 Mb), and in updating stories already there and writing new ones at the rate of 10-20 a month. Most of that work, plus all the administration, is funded through sponsorship, from charities, industry, and a very, very, small proportion from the NHS.

You can help

We work very hard at getting sponsorship to be able to run and expand Bandolier . You could help by mentioning the possibility of sponsorship to your employing organisations. Bandolier needs a continual stream of sponsorship to cover the costs that keep the Internet service free of charge to you.

It would also help if folks stopped pointing out that there is no need to pay for paper copies because Bandolier is free on the Internet. It may be true, but it doesn't help our morale. In coming months we will add a section to the site outlining how people using solely the Internet version (i.e. not subscribing to the print version) can contribute voluntarily to the cost of running the Internet version. That will help us maintain our independence from industry and government.
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