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This page is all about Bandolier, who we are, what we do, why we do it and how we do it. There's also stuff about how it all gets paid for, so that readers know what's going on. The Links will take you to more substantive material

About Bandolier and sponsorship

Click on the heading above to go to a page that tells you all about Bandolier, who does it, who gets it, and how it is paid for.

Pain Research at Oxford

Click on the heading above to find out about Pain Research at Oxford, the home of Bandolier. It tells you about the importance of pain, and gives our research history.

Copyrights and links

Click on the heading above to see our policy of linking to Bandolier, and to using material from it for teaching or whatever.

Getting a monthly email alert

If you would like to know about what's new on Bandolier through an email every month, then click on the heading above. We won't give your email address for anything else.