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Dead projects society

One of the main challenges for people who make a difference is to turn the new into part of the routine of mainstream activity. New projects get extra resources and are more exciting than the routine. There is also ownership that may not be there for everyday tasks. Making the jump from project to mainstream is difficult. Without it there is a danger that as special funding comes to an end people lose interest and enthusiasm falls away. The work becomes just another dead project: the effort has achieved short-term improvements but practice and services have lapsed back to where they were before.

Conscious of these dangers, we thought it would be good to look again at one of the initiatives we reported in ImpAct issue 1. Is it still going or has become a dead project? Therapy assistants continue to thrive at Bradford. Indeed we report on a similar initiative in the new Stroke Unit at Bradford.

There are two other case studies in this issue. The first looks at ways to meet the needs of special children : a real problem if the plans can't be made to stick. The other one tackles prescribing in primary care. It shows how a practice pharmacist can make an impact. We also report on Beacon services and tell you where to find them and how to use them, plus we have an update on more useful information appearing on this Bandolier/ImpAct Internet site.

In the July issue we reported on efforts to evaluate ImpAct. It's also good to get unsolicited comments like:
"..the centre-spread from ImpAct on bottom lines for success is pinned to my office wall - good common sense stuff and it works."

We often ask ourselves whether we are finding stories that you want to read. We think we are covering the right things, but if there are topics you would like us to cover please let us know. Help us find local success stories that can make the NHS better and make working in it better.


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