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SDO Programme

Evidence is very important to ImpAct so it is good news that work progresses with a new research programme looking the organisation of services: the NHS Service Delivery and Organisation (SDO) Research & Development programme . It will promote the use of research evidence about how the organisation and delivery of services can be improved to increase the quality of patient care, ensure better patient outcomes, and contribute to improved population health.

The programme is being managed by a National Co-ordinating Centre (NCCSDO) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr Maureen Dalziel is the programme Director. The Centre was set up in April 1999 and the programme formally launched in March 2000 by Lord Hunt, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health. The Centre combines academic expertise in SDO research with programme management. Its staff have health service management, clinical, research and administrative backgrounds. It supports the programme director by:

The Centre aims to create a body of knowledge on service delivery and organisation research by drawing on relevant knowledge and by building networks from within and outside the health service.

Research themes

In autumn 1999 the NCCSDO organised a national 'listening exercise' to help them understand the issues which are most important to those delivering and organising services and to those receiving them. Over 350 people were involved. Ten themes that will inform the SDO programme of work were identified (Table).

Themes for SDO

In the meantime three pieces of work are in hand.

First, a scoping study to identify further areas of research on the continuity of care.
Second, a review of models of change management: the findings from this will be published in autumn 2000 in various forms including a user-friendly manual for managers.
Third, a synthesis of research methods relevant to SDO issues.

For further information contact

Kate Thomas
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
99 Gower Street
London WC1E 6AZ

Telephone 020 7612 7980
Fax 020 7612 7979

Copies of the SDO publication are available.
National Listening Exercise: Report of the Findings and Using Research to Improve Health Care Services


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